1,7-octadiene product introduction

2022-06-10 10:39:56

Its vapor and air can form an explosive mixture, which is easy to burn and explode in case of open fire and high heat. Strong reaction with oxidant. It is easy to self polymerize, and the polymerization reaction intensifies rapidly with the increase of temperature. If the flow rate is too fast, it is easy to generate and accumulate static electricity. In case of high heat, the internal pressure of the vessel will increase, and there is a risk of cracking and explosion.

Chinese Name: octadiene

English Name: 1,7-octadiene

CAS No.: 3710-30-3

Molecular formula: c8h14

Molecular weight: 110.20

Physical and chemical properties

Appearance and properties: colorless liquid.

Boiling point (℃):114~121

Relative density (water =1):0.7460

Flash point (℃):9

Solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and ether.

Main uses: for organic synthesis.

Other physical and chemical properties: 1.4221

Health hazard: This product is of low toxicity. Irritating to eyes, skin and mucous membranes.

Environmental hazard: it is harmful to the environment and may cause pollution to water bodies.

Explosion hazard: This product is flammable and irritating.

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