Sanctions are coming! The United States suppressed China's chemical industry, and PVC became the

2022-06-16 08:13:28

Seeing that the United States is waging a constant "science and technology war" against China, we can see that China is a strong country. Among them, semiconductors are the most hated, because China is not only the largest market in the world, but also the fastest growing technology.

Therefore, the United States has mainly made two moves: one is the complete restriction of high-end products, and the other is to find fault in production. The former is the best example of Huawei being targeted, while the latter is the Xinjiang issue that the United States has vilified.

For the latter, since the 21st of this month, the evil act signed by Biden at the end of last year has been implemented, which not only sets up obstacles for us in terms of new energy, but also fundamentally affects China's manufacturing industry.

This is not the case. The hype about this issue has taken on new tricks. The Helena Kennedy International Judicial Center, the "pawn" of the United States in Britain, has made a new process in a new industry.

This time it is no longer the field of physics, but chemistry. Recently, a false report was made up that PVC produced in Xinjiang also had the same problem.

These chemicals are mainly used to produce floor, plastic pipe, wall and other coverings. In addition, a listed company in China was named.

The former principal of the school where this institution is located was once an old British politician sanctioned by China. Seeing her, you will feel like a sinister middle-aged woman in European and American movies, and her name is Helena Kennedy.

When we return to this new field, PVC China has quite a say in the world. To group data:

In terms of physical goods, China's exports of PVC coverings have increased from 720million square meters to 5billion square meters in the past decade. At present, China is the largest exporter of PVC coverings, accounting for 75% of global exports.

The United States (2.9 billion square meters) is the main export destination of PVC products in China, accounting for 59% of the total export volume. In addition, exports to the United States are eight times more than those to Canada, which ranks second, while Germany ranks third with a share of only 3.6%.

In terms of value, exports to the United States in 2020 reached US $3.2 billion, accounting for 56% of the total. In the second place, Canada accounted for 6% of total exports, followed by Germany, with a share of 3.4%.

In such a large scale of China's export, Xinjiang's export accounts for 10%, that is to say, it produces nearly 700million square meters of PVC coverings every year, making it the largest production province in China.

In fact, it is not just the scale. In some technical fields, China also has a solid foundation. For example, PVC in modified materials will use modifiers. In this field, compared with the world's advanced level, China is not too much.

Not enough. Now that the report has been published, the next step is for British and American politicians to hype up the rhythm of preparing legislation. The United States has completed it, and Britain, as a younger brother, will certainly follow.

Similarly, China also needs to be vigilant. After all, the United States or other younger brothers have to rely on their own mouth to target any kind of commodity.

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