Anhui Province is striding towards a new material base of 100 billion level

2022-05-18 20:42:48

Recently, the provincial development and Reform Commission printed and distributed the development plan for new material industry in Anhui Province during the 14th Five Year Plan period. In this important plan concerning the future development of the province's new material industry, Fuyang has appeared many times——

Relying on the local industrial foundation of Huaibei and Fuyang and the advantages of recycled aluminum resources, promote the extension of aluminum based new materials to the downstream, and build an aluminum based material industry base with important influence in China; Support Hefei, Bengbu, Fuyang and other places to develop high-end targets for semiconductors, new displays and photovoltaic cells; Support Anqing, Fuyang, Tongling, Wuhu and other places to make every effort to tackle the high-performance, multi-functional and composite technologies of engineering plastics, and accelerate the development of engineering plastics products used in the fields of automobiles, electronics and electrical appliances, machinery, medical treatment and so on; Relying on Fuyang Economic Development Zone, Fuyang Jieshou high tech Zone, Yingdong Economic Development Zone, etc., focus on the development of advanced chemical materials, advanced non-ferrous metal materials, rare earth permanent magnet materials, etc

Several "roll calls" have further clarified the direction for Fuyang to base itself on the industrial foundation, give full play to its resource advantages, and expand and strengthen the new material industry.

Aim at the new material track

The new material industry is considered to be a high-tech industry with the most development potential and great impact on the future development in the 21st century. It is a national strategic emerging industry and a new growth track.

In recent years, the city has attached great importance to the development of the new material industry and regarded it as a "new engine" to promote the growth of enterprises and the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. During the "13th five year plan" period, the scale of the new material industry in the city doubled its output value in five years, with an average annual growth of about 15%. An advanced basic material system represented by advanced metal materials, advanced chemical materials and advanced polymer materials was initially formed. Last year, the output value of the city's new material industry reached 52.7 billion yuan.

This year's work report of the municipal government proposed to accelerate the development of characteristic industries, promote key enterprises such as Haoyuan chemical industry, Beikuang magnetic materials, Tianhong new materials and guruite new materials to become bigger and stronger, and strive for the output value of the new materials industry to exceed 80billion yuan.

New material industry "accelerated"

Fuyang was "named" for many times in the development plan of new material industry in the province, based on the good situation of vigorous development of new material industry in our city.

In terms of aluminum based new materials, foam aluminum and aluminum color coated plates produced by enterprises such as Anhui Yiming new materials, Jinlan Jinying aluminum and Fengjie metal in Fuyang Jieshou high tech Zone have a large market share. High strength and toughness die cast aluminum alloy, light and high strength aluminum alloy honeycomb structural plate, high-performance automotive aluminum alloy plate and other aluminum based high-end metal materials and ceramic aluminum new materials have a certain say in the province and even the country.

In terms of high-end targets for photovoltaic cells, our city has developed rapidly. In particular, major projects such as the first domestic 20GW n+ ultra-high efficiency solar monocrystalline silicon chip with an annual output, the world's first large-scale production line of sodium ion battery of Sinochem Haina, the production of Anhui sirafe photovoltaic modules and cells, the Three Gorges Goldwind science and technology new energy industrial park, the Eastern Electric hydrogen Energy Industrial Science and Technology Park, and the SDIC iron chromium liquid flow battery are under construction, It is expected to achieve "made in Fuyang" as a high-end target for photovoltaic cells within this year.

Plan to build a 100 billion level cluster area

The provincial plan proposes to vigorously develop three advanced basic material industries: advanced metal materials, advanced chemical materials and silicon-based new materials, focus on cultivating two key strategic material industries: biomedical materials, high-performance fibers and composites, and accelerate the layout of cutting-edge new material industries such as 3D printing materials, superconducting materials, graphene materials and high entropy alloys.

Our city has scientific plans in three advanced basic material industries, two key strategic material industries and cutting-edge new material industries.

In terms of advanced chemical materials, Fuyang coal based new materials Industrial Park, led by Haoyuan chemical, has gathered a number of industrial chain enterprises such as hangmo new materials, Qingyang Chemical and Zhongke Haohai, and the industrial cluster of fine chemicals and coal based new materials has accelerated its rise. Focusing on the high-end, diversified and low-carbon development direction, the city will vigorously develop fine chemicals, expand the application field of new chemical materials, and focus on building an advanced chemical materials industry cluster with an output value of more than 30billion yuan.

In terms of biomedical materials, Anhui Baker Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Fuyang xinyihua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. are the leading enterprises. On the basis of Taihe Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, a new pharmaceutical material industrial park has been formed, focusing on cultivating a national biomedical industrial base and a 10 billion yuan enterprise.

In terms of high-performance fiber and composite materials, Jieshou Tianhong new materials, Jixiang Sanbao high tech textile and other leading enterprises will build a high-performance functional membrane industry chain and a functional textile new material industry chain to form a high-performance fiber and composite industry cluster.

In terms of cutting-edge new materials, relying on leading enterprises such as rainbow group, xinyihua and mintuo, we will vigorously develop new electronic and chemical display materials, accelerate the implementation of the third generation semiconductor material gallium nitride project, extend the industrial chain and strengthen the industrial cluster.

Through precise efforts, by the end of the "14th five year plan", our city will strive to exceed 100billion yuan in the output value of the new material industry, and gradually build an influential new material industry cluster in the province and nationwide.

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